Classical Fine Art Workshops
Landscape Painting

Venture out of the studios into nature to investigate and capture the effects of sunlight in the Golden Hours on a subject. Observe the effects of atmosphere and the color of light on the local landscape, tips for mixing color, panel preparation, composition, and the equipment needs when away from the conveniences of the studio. Sites will be chosen for mild rain conditions, if necessary.  Individual guidance and group critiques.
All levels are welcome.


Introduction to the Art of Drawing Part I

Explore the basic language and principles of drawing- the foundation of art explorations.  Experience a series of exercises and materials designed to build the perceptual skills used in the “art of seeing”. Gain confidence with graphite and charcoal pencils and become familiar with the different surfaces available in paper, and their effects.  Examples from the history of drawing in art provide insight to the possibilities inherent in each of the exercises explored. This study shows the validity of drawing as an art in itself, as well as a preparation for ideas to execute in other art forms.
All levels are welcome.
The Medium of Watercolor

“Think Slow - Paint Fast …”  Explore the delightful medium of watercolor.  This workshop provides an introduction to the basic principles and possibilities of the “live medium” and the joy to be found in the process.
All levels are welcome.
Classical Painting Techniques

Professional Instruction in the Principles of Classical Painting Techniques

Students are guided through a series of painting exercises designed to build their perception of tonal values, color temperature, and aerial perspective, the essential ingredients of strong realistic painting since the Renaissance. Information on color mixing, organizing the palette, the care, maintenance, and function of the various brushes and materials used.  Lively on-going discussions of current and historical movements in painting, a library, visual resources, and still life materials all provide a stimulating environment where the artist’s individual expression is encouraged. Participants benefit greatly from each other’s explorations and achievements in a supportive setting. Class sizes are limited to ensure quality individualized instruction.
All levels are welcome.

The Figure in the Landscape

For centuries artists have enjoyed exploring the human relationship with the natural world in both portraiture and narrative painting.  Through the use of the pictorial  elements of scale, lighting, color and compositional devices artists convey the mood and character of their subjects.  Participants will develop paintings using their own or provided images of figures and landscapes to go beyond photographic and drawing sources to create their own personal visions.
All levels are welcome.

Drawing and the Still Life
Discover the way that great drawings involve us and heighten our emotional experience of their subjects through the artist’s skilled editing of visual information.This workshop further explores the Art of Drawing by studying examples of the Still Life, both contemporary and historical, and by completing a series of exercises with provided still lifes. Each artist will develop several drawings.
All levels welcome.

Anatomy and the Art of Figure Drawing Parts I & II
Learn the essential skeletal and muscle structures influencing the surface forms on the live model. Part I: Skeleton, Torso, Arms and Legs. Part II: Hands, Feet, Head and Features. By analyzing master drawings, and exploring a variety of drawing techniques and exercises, you will build your knowledge of the human form and greatly improve your figure drawing. Artists will work from a live model at each session, alternating male and female subjects.
All levels welcome.

For centuries artists have enjoyed exploring the human figure in a variety of settings. Through the study of the pictorial elements of scale, lighting, color and compositional devices, artists will create their view of the mood and character of the model from several long poses. Participants will learn how to develop working drawings, have guidance on anatomy and drawing methods, and discuss figure drawing concepts-including historical and contemporary.
All levels welcome.

Introduction to the Art of Drawing Part II
This workshop continues the  basic form-building skills covered in
Part I, with more in-depth deciphering of the mark and the language of drawing. Artists explore new approaches to the concept of drawing through the  elements: space, scale, surface, mark making, and composition. Using both traditional and non traditional  tools and paper surfaces participants will discover more creative possibilities. Contemporary drawings are discussed and compared to examples from the history of drawing
This workshop is an exploration of the “camaieu”, a painting done in shades of grey.  Mastering the method of monochromatic painting is ideal for studying the intricacies of light and shadow that lie beneath color and indispensable to understanding color temperature. Participants explore the grisaille through the subject of the still life.
Foreshortening and the Human Figure
This illusionist technique was first pioneered during the Early Renaissance to add more dynamic spatial effects to paintings. Working with the live model from a variety of dramatic viewpoints, artists will learn methods to analyze and realistically depict those challenging forms of the human figure advancing and receding in space.

The Art of  Silverpoint Drawing

Metalpoint drawing is a technique characterized by great linear purity, and like a fine wine mellows with time. Used by Rennaisance artists: Durer, da Vinci, Raphael, Botticelli, and modern artists like Alan Magee, Koo Schadler, Laura Schecter. Participants learn paper preparation, drawing techniques, and tinting methods. Included in fee is a handcrafted silverpoint drawing tool, pad of hotpress paper, and brush for ground application. Two types of grounds will be available for use in preparation of each artists surface for drawing.


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